Greenbaum P.C. on PIX 11 Discussing Virtual Reality

Whatever your opinion on the recent Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR, one tangible benefit already trickling down to the VR community is heightened awareness of VR as an important technology area.  As a result of this heightened interest, I got a call from Kori Chambers of the PIX 11 Morning Show.  Kori is a professed VR … Continue reading

Oculus VR Patents

To date the only publicly available patent assigned to Oculus VR is the design patent attached below.  There may be other patents pending that are not yet public.  The Oculus VR patent portfolio remains a ripe source for speculation in the VR community. Oculus Design Patent

Frankly, I Find Your Work Derivative: derivative works law as related to virtual reality environments and simulations

Summary (TLDR) Creating a virtual reality simulation based on a preexisting TV show, movie, videogame or other work, may expose the creator to copyright  infringement liability based on the concept of “derivative works.”  The vagaries of the Fair Use doctrine are such that relying on Fair Use is not recommended. Introduction Some of the most … Continue reading

Oculu vs. Oculus: Complaint

As promised, I am keeping track of the Oculu v. Oculus trademark case.  Attached is the complaint as filed in Federal Court in the Central District of California.  There are currently 7 causes of action: Complaint: Oculus_v_Oculu Trademark Infringement under 15 U.S.C. section 1114 False Designation of Origin under 15 U.S.C. section 1125a Trademark Dilution under … Continue reading

Oculus vs. Oculu: Begun the IP War Has

The Internet is buzzing with news of the first shots fired in the IP battle between Oculus VR Inc., and Oculu LLC.  According to the most up to date information currently at hand, OCULU an online video streaming company is suing Oculus VR, the maker of the Oculus Rift brand VR head mounted display for … Continue reading

More Virtual Reality Patent Analytics

In the first of my series on intellectual property in virtual reality, I presented some data on the patent landscape in the VR space including, the top VR patent holders, top holders of VR gaming patents, the top buyers of VR patents and VR patent filings by year.  For this post I wanted to take … Continue reading