Frozen Turkey? Problem Solved!

Thanksgiving lore is filled with stories of frozen turkeys wreaking havoc on last-minute chefs. While there are techniques for rapidly thawing a turkey, they usually involve soaking the hypothermic bird in a large bucket or bathtub. For all of you who thought “there must be a better way…” I present patent application # 10/975242: A … Continue reading

Justice Dep’t Questions Gene Patents

n March, a federal judge invalidated patents that claimed two genes lined to breast cancer, the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. The decision has cast doubt on thousands of gene patents, and may play a significant role in re-shaping the intellectual property landscape. The ACLU and others joined to challenge the validity of the gene patents … Continue reading

Halloween Patent

According to this spooky patent, the invention relates to “lanterns, more specifically it relates to lanterns of the type generally known as “jack-o-lanterns.”” The invention’s aim is to provide a novelty Halloween pumpkin having numerous face representations. In other words its a jack-o-lantern with changeable faces. The patent also describes an embodiment in which different … Continue reading

Inhalable Vitamins

Tired of old-fashioned pill-based vitamins, the Le Whif corporation has introduced an a product that delivers an inhalable dose of daily vitamins. The device works by delivering a fine, powdered form of supplements with each dose. The dosing or “whiffing” involves inhaling the powder into the mouth where it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. … Continue reading

Plant Patents

In 1930 congress enacted the Plant Protection Act, which grants patent protection to a person who invents or discovers a distinct and new variety of plant. In order to qualify for patent protection for a plant, it must be asexually reproduced (cloned). The plant must also be also be found in a cultivated state. In … Continue reading

It’s a Numbers Game

I meet a lot of inventors that are certain they’ve come up with “the one.” The one, great idea that is going to be a huge market success. The one great invention that is going to be so wildly popular they will never have to work again. The truth is that most inventions are not … Continue reading