Nice Clean IP

IP is everywhere. Ideas are everywhere. Have a look at this wonderful invention that showed up in the bathroom of my firm. How many times have you felt skeeved touching the doorknob of a public bathroom. If you’re anything like me, quite a few. Personally I always wrap the doorknob with a paper towel or two. With this new invention from HYSO, the dirty doorknob is a thing of the past. Every few minutes a puff of antiseptic spray envelopes the door knob keeping it fresh and clean

I was thinking of a couple of variations to this general concept. What about if instead of spray antiseptic, the device put out ultraviolet light. What if instead of bathrooms the device showed up other places that require disinfectant. Personally, I’d love to see a series of disinfectant devices show up on subway handrails.

To be frank, I’m a little annoyed that a germ-phobe like myself didn’t come up this idea. It highlights one of principles of invention: define the problem and a solution will present itself. How many of you wouldn’t have come up with this idea if I asked you to invent an automatic doorknob dinsinfector. Look for the problems all around us and you will find unclaimed IP.

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