DIY Patent Searching With Google

Just in case you didn’t know, Google the omnipresent search giant, has gotten into the patent search game.  Google’s patent search portal is easy to use, effective, and free.  While Google patent search is not a substitute for a detailed, professionally done prior art or patentability search, it can be a very useful tool, especially for independent inventors.  To use the free patent search service simply visit the Google patent website:

Use the search box just like you’d use the regular Google search box.  One tip for more effective patent searching is to have a thesaurus handy.  That way, you can find synonyms to expand the reach of your search queries.  Also, be mindful of titles and abstracts of the patent documents that you uncover, they can give you good clues for narrowing down or expanding your patent searches.  If you are looking for more specific information experiment with the advanced search option:

With the advanced patent search option, you can find patents and published patent applications based on filing date, inventor name, U.S. patent classification and other fields.  Google Patent Search is great but it is not perfect.  Be sure to contact a patent attorney or qualified search professional if you have any questions or specific search needs!

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