Washable Keyboard Solves Dirty Problem

Washable tech invention cleans up your desktop

pretty nice little invention actually: washable keyboard

The key to having a successful and profitable invention is solving a problem.  As we all know, a certain amount of…filth…tends to build up on computer keyboards no matter how careful we are.  Product developers at Logitech have come up with an idea to keep computer keyboards from getting too nasty.   The idea is a simple one, have a fully immersible, washable keyboard.    The Logitech Washable Keyboard K130 can be immersed in up to 11 inches of water giving users the ability to give the keyboard a thorough scrubbing.  The keyboard is equipped with drainage holes to facilitate drying and printed with a special UV coating to ensure that the letters won’t fade after multiple washes.

This is not the first washable keyboard on the market, but a combination of utility and good looks make this one stand out.  This is a good lesson for independent inventors and small businesses:  the ability to stand out by solving a problem better than your competitors can be the key to success.

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