America Invent Act Roadshow Teaches NY About Patent Law Changes

A little over a year ago, on September 16, 2011, President Obama signed the America Invents Act into law.  In so doing, he ushered in the most significant change to patent law in decades, maybe ever.  To help inventors, attorneys and other interested parties learn about the new laws, the agency is conducting roadshows across … Continue reading

3D Printing Pops Up In Manhattan

Tech enthusiasts and spare parts aficionados are celebrating the first retail 3D printing outlet in the United States.  MakerBot, a homegrown 3D printing industry leader is putting the final touches on its flagship NoHo store.   The store will offer retail customers the chance to purchase objects printed by MakerBot’s latest 3D printer, the Replicator 2. … Continue reading

Of Bionic Eyes And Otic Progenitors

Two recent developments, one in stem cell technology and one in neural prosthetics, are raising eyebrows and perking up ears around the world.  Researchers from the University of Sheffield implanted a type of stem cells called otic progenitor cells into the damaged auditory nerves of gerbils.  Not only did the stem cells differentiate into neurons … Continue reading

Google Regrets Being Timid About Patenting Its Inventions

In a recent interview with Bloomberg TV, David Lawee, VP of corporate development for Google Inc., expressed Google’s regrets that they were not as aggressive as they could have been when it came to patenting their inventions.  Lawee hinted that there may have been philosophical opposition to the patent process ingrained in Google culture from … Continue reading