Google Regrets Being Timid About Patenting Its Inventions

In a recent interview with Bloomberg TV, David Lawee, VP of corporate development for Google Inc., expressed Google’s regrets that they were not as aggressive as they could have been when it came to patenting their inventions.  Lawee hinted that there may have been philosophical opposition to the patent process ingrained in Google culture from the beginning.  There was a also a not-so-subtle dig at Apple when the Google VP claimed “We didn’t believe rounded corners were patentable!”

Start ups and independent inventors can learn from Google’s early mistakes and be aggressive with idea protection from the get go.  Patents can add value to a company and show potential investors that you’re serious about your project.  It’s also important to think about patent protection early in the development process before rights are lost due to public disclosure.

The Greenbaum Patent Blog is the blog of Eric A. Greenbaum esq, founder of Greenbaum P.C., an intellectual property law firm located in Long Island New York.  The firm focuses on patent and trademark prosecution, licensing and contract work for independent inventors, small companies and start-ups in New York City (NYC,) Long Island and around the country.  Intellectual property law is a rapidly evolving field of law and the issues are very fact-specific.  Nothing on this blog should be taken as legal advice.  Consult with an attorney for help on your particular case.  

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