3D Printing Pops Up In Manhattan

Tech enthusiasts and spare parts aficionados are celebrating the first retail 3D printing outlet in the United States.  MakerBot, a homegrown 3D printing industry leader is putting the final touches on its flagship NoHo store.   The store will offer retail customers the chance to purchase objects printed by MakerBot’s latest 3D printer, the Replicator 2.  More importantly, the retail location will showcase a burgeoning technology that will have repercussions across various fields.

For independent inventors and small companies, the presence of a 3D printing industry could have several beneficial effects.  The most immediate will be the ability to rapid prototype various designs and speed up the product development process.  The MakerBot store will not allow customers to print out their own custom designs quite yet but Shapeways, another NYC 3D printing powerhouse, lets customers upload their own designs and ships them their 3d printed product.

The Greenbaum Patent Blog is the blog of Eric A. Greenbaum esq, founder of Greenbaum P.C., an intellectual property law firm located in Long Island New York.  The firm focuses on patent and trademark prosecution, licensing and contract work for independent inventors, small companies and start-ups in New York City (NYC,) Long Island and around the country.  Intellectual property law is a rapidly evolving field of law and the issues are very fact-specific.  Nothing on this blog should be taken as legal advice.  Consult with an attorney for help on your particular case.  

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