Bone Conducting Headphones Transmit Stereo Sound Through User’s Cheekbones

  AfterShokz, a technology company based in Syracuse N.Y., recently began selling their bone-conduction headphones to the general public.  The headphones work by transmitting sound waves to users’ inner ears through their cheekbones.  The headphones rest just outside the perimeter of the wearer’s ear, allowing users to hear ambient sounds.  The patent pending product touts … Continue reading

Congress Trolls Non-Practicing-Entities

For years now the business model of seeking licensing revenues from patents under the threat of litigation has come under fire from political, business and technology circles.  Patent Trolls, also known as “non-practicing entities” manage patent portfolios and seek payments from companies that may have infringing products or services.  Some NPEs (patent trolls) have been … Continue reading