Frankly, I Find Your Work Derivative: derivative works law as related to virtual reality environments and simulations

Summary (TLDR) Creating a virtual reality simulation based on a preexisting TV show, movie, videogame or other work, may expose the creator to copyright  infringement liability based on the concept of “derivative works.”  The vagaries of the Fair Use doctrine are such that relying on Fair Use is not recommended. Introduction Some of the most … Continue reading

Oculus vs. Oculu: Begun the IP War Has

The Internet is buzzing with news of the first shots fired in the IP battle between Oculus VR Inc., and Oculu LLC.  According to the most up to date information currently at hand, OCULU an online video streaming company is suing Oculus VR, the maker of the Oculus Rift brand VR head mounted display for … Continue reading

More Virtual Reality Patent Analytics

In the first of my series on intellectual property in virtual reality, I presented some data on the patent landscape in the VR space including, the top VR patent holders, top holders of VR gaming patents, the top buyers of VR patents and VR patent filings by year.  For this post I wanted to take … Continue reading

A Virtual Reality Patent Landscape Analysis

An analysis of the Virtual Reality patent landscape

With the pending release of the consumer version of the Oculus Rift and growing excitement about Valve’s VR platform, the virtual reality industry is set to come into its own.  With the development of viable virtual reality platforms, VR is poised to become big business.  A critical part of any tech industry is intellectual property. … Continue reading

Apple and Samsung Square Off Over Patents:

In what promises to be the patent-trial-of-the-century, Apple and Samsung are slated to begin their courtroom circus on Monday.  At issue are several utility and design patents that Apple has accused Samsung of deliberately infringing to get to the top of the digital device market (Samsung is now the world’s largest seller of smartphones.)  During … Continue reading

Tools for Independent Inventors

Do a  search for information on how to patent an invention and the response may be overwhelming.  Upon the writing of this entry, there were 71 million web page results returned on Google.  Some of theses sites are helpful, others are predatory.  How is an inventor supposed to know what information is reliable? The U.S.P.T.O’s … Continue reading