More Virtual Reality Patent Analytics

In the first of my series on intellectual property in virtual reality, I presented some data on the patent landscape in the VR space including, the top VR patent holders, top holders of VR gaming patents, the top buyers of VR patents and VR patent filings by year.  For this post I wanted to take … Continue reading

A Virtual Reality Patent Landscape Analysis

An analysis of the Virtual Reality patent landscape

With the pending release of the consumer version of the Oculus Rift and growing excitement about Valve’s VR platform, the virtual reality industry is set to come into its own.  With the development of viable virtual reality platforms, VR is poised to become big business.  A critical part of any tech industry is intellectual property. … Continue reading

Canadian Court Cancels Viagra Patent

A Canadian court recently invalided Pfizer’s Viagra (sildanafil) patent for failing to adequately disclose which compounds were useful for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Because a skilled reader, having only the specification, would not be able to put the invention into operation, the patent was invalid.  Here’s what the court had to say about … Continue reading

Congress Trolls Non-Practicing-Entities

For years now the business model of seeking licensing revenues from patents under the threat of litigation has come under fire from political, business and technology circles.  Patent Trolls, also known as “non-practicing entities” manage patent portfolios and seek payments from companies that may have infringing products or services.  Some NPEs (patent trolls) have been … Continue reading

America Invent Act Roadshow Teaches NY About Patent Law Changes

A little over a year ago, on September 16, 2011, President Obama signed the America Invents Act into law.  In so doing, he ushered in the most significant change to patent law in decades, maybe ever.  To help inventors, attorneys and other interested parties learn about the new laws, the agency is conducting roadshows across … Continue reading

Google Regrets Being Timid About Patenting Its Inventions

In a recent interview with Bloomberg TV, David Lawee, VP of corporate development for Google Inc., expressed Google’s regrets that they were not as aggressive as they could have been when it came to patenting their inventions.  Lawee hinted that there may have been philosophical opposition to the patent process ingrained in Google culture from … Continue reading