Canadian Court Cancels Viagra Patent

A Canadian court recently invalided Pfizer’s Viagra (sildanafil) patent for failing to adequately disclose which compounds were useful for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Because a skilled reader, having only the specification, would not be able to put the invention into operation, the patent was invalid.  Here’s what the court had to say about … Continue reading

Congress Trolls Non-Practicing-Entities

For years now the business model of seeking licensing revenues from patents under the threat of litigation has come under fire from political, business and technology circles.  Patent Trolls, also known as “non-practicing entities” manage patent portfolios and seek payments from companies that may have infringing products or services.  Some NPEs (patent trolls) have been … Continue reading

America Invent Act Roadshow Teaches NY About Patent Law Changes

A little over a year ago, on September 16, 2011, President Obama signed the America Invents Act into law.  In so doing, he ushered in the most significant change to patent law in decades, maybe ever.  To help inventors, attorneys and other interested parties learn about the new laws, the agency is conducting roadshows across … Continue reading

What Can Independent Inventors Learn from The Patent Trial Of The Century?

The Apple vs. Samsung patent battle is shaping up to be one of the most epic patent battles of all time.   But what can an independent inventor or small company learn from watching these behemoths slug it out?  The most important lesson is one that is fundamental to the patent system as a whole. … Continue reading

Independent Inventors Meet With U.S.P.T.O. Director David Kappos

USPTO suggestions for inventors

This morning (July 27, 2012) independent inventors gathered for a round-table discussion, and breakfast, with Patent Office director, David Kappos.  The event was organized by Patrick Raymond of the Inventor’s Association of Manhattan and hosted by Troutman Sanders LLP  who also provided a delightful breakfast.  Brian Fried of the Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club of Suffolk County led a contingent … Continue reading

What Do I Get?

For many, the formal and technical requirements for patentability mask a very simple and in some ways, a very beautiful system.  At its core, the patent system is a process for striking bargain between inventors and the American People.  The deal is essentially as follows: in return for inventors publicly disclosing their inventions, the federal … Continue reading