Independent Inventors Meet With U.S.P.T.O. Director David Kappos

USPTO suggestions for inventors

This morning (July 27, 2012) independent inventors gathered for a round-table discussion, and breakfast, with Patent Office director, David Kappos.  The event was organized by Patrick Raymond of the Inventor’s Association of Manhattan and hosted by Troutman Sanders LLP  who also provided a delightful breakfast.  Brian Fried of the Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club of Suffolk County led a contingent … Continue reading

Are These Google’s Augmented Reality Goggles?

are these the Google glasses' next iteration?

*** The answer is “no, these are not Google’s augmented reality goggles,” however this is still an interesting patent application for AR glasses. **Since the initial publication of this article Google Inc., has released pictures and specifications on their Project Glass augmented reality device.  They will not have all of the features disclosed below.  I … Continue reading