Greenbaum P.C. on PIX 11 Discussing Virtual Reality

Whatever your opinion on the recent Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR, one tangible benefit already trickling down to the VR community is heightened awareness of VR as an important technology area.  As a result of this heightened interest, I got a call from Kori Chambers of the PIX 11 Morning Show.  Kori is a professed VR … Continue reading

3D Printing Pops Up In Manhattan

Tech enthusiasts and spare parts aficionados are celebrating the first retail 3D printing outlet in the United States.  MakerBot, a homegrown 3D printing industry leader is putting the final touches on its flagship NoHo store.   The store will offer retail customers the chance to purchase objects printed by MakerBot’s latest 3D printer, the Replicator 2. … Continue reading

Google Regrets Being Timid About Patenting Its Inventions

In a recent interview with Bloomberg TV, David Lawee, VP of corporate development for Google Inc., expressed Google’s regrets that they were not as aggressive as they could have been when it came to patenting their inventions.  Lawee hinted that there may have been philosophical opposition to the patent process ingrained in Google culture from … Continue reading

New Phone Case Invention Pushes Gamers Buttons

For many traditional gamers, smartphone games are unsatisfying.  They’re missing something…buttons.  But a new invention that recently debuted on Kickstarter may be poised to take the mobile gaming world by storm.  The Coco controller from Milkshake labs is “a case that turns your phone into a true handheld gaming platform.”  Currently there are 31 games … Continue reading

Google Wants To Give You The Ability To See With Your Fingers

Google is not content with having it’s users see only with their eyes, so they’ve invented a way to see using your hands.  In their patent (No. 8,009,2011) entitled SEEING WITH YOUR HAND, Google describes a glove equipped with sensors on the fingertips.  The sensors, or “detectors” are capable of recording images of the environment … Continue reading

Emerging Technology: Google Self Driving Cars

Today Google Inc., reported that they have completed 300,000 miles of testing of their self-driving cars without incident.  Google initially announced their plan to create a self-driving car in a blog post in 201o. Our automated cars use video cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder to “see” other traffic, as well as detailed … Continue reading