Oculus VR Patents

To date the only publicly available patent assigned to Oculus VR is the design patent attached below.  There may be other patents pending that are not yet public.  The Oculus VR patent portfolio remains a ripe source for speculation in the VR community. Oculus Design Patent

Oculu vs. Oculus: Complaint

As promised, I am keeping track of the Oculu v. Oculus trademark case.  Attached is the complaint as filed in Federal Court in the Central District of California.  There are currently 7 causes of action: Complaint: Oculus_v_Oculu Trademark Infringement under 15 U.S.C. section 1114 False Designation of Origin under 15 U.S.C. section 1125a Trademark Dilution under … Continue reading

Patent Issuance By State

  Always being interested in patent data, I put together this graph showing the distribution of issued patents since 1977.  The patent data is broken down by state to show which states are responsible for the most patenting.  It came as no surprise to me that California came out on top as the number 1 … Continue reading

Bone Conducting Headphones Transmit Stereo Sound Through User’s Cheekbones

  AfterShokz, a technology company based in Syracuse N.Y., recently began selling their bone-conduction headphones to the general public.  The headphones work by transmitting sound waves to users’ inner ears through their cheekbones.  The headphones rest just outside the perimeter of the wearer’s ear, allowing users to hear ambient sounds.  The patent pending product touts … Continue reading

Of Bionic Eyes And Otic Progenitors

Two recent developments, one in stem cell technology and one in neural prosthetics, are raising eyebrows and perking up ears around the world.  Researchers from the University of Sheffield implanted a type of stem cells called otic progenitor cells into the damaged auditory nerves of gerbils.  Not only did the stem cells differentiate into neurons … Continue reading

New Changes Going Into Effect September 16: The America Invents Act Goes Live

The much anticipated America Invent Acts goes live on September 16 2012.  Independent inventors and companies of all sizes are paying careful attention to how the new law is being implemented.  Here is a summary of the first changes to go into effect.  For the USPTO’s full description see here. The Board of Patent Appeals … Continue reading